Support Consultancy

Our Support Consultants can either assist you in a specific area of Endorsement, or take you through from the conception of a training idea to a full Endorsement submission.

Sector-specific consultants are on hand to support you through the Endorsement process at any stage for 2 hours, half a day, or a full day. Fully qualified professionals in their own sector, each member of our Support Consultancy team also has comprehensive experience within training and business environments.

Costs are as follows:

2 hours £150 + VAT
Half day £250 + VAT
Full day £400 + VAT

Travel costs for the consultant will also be applicable; the consultancy can take place either at our head office in London or at a venue of your choice. International travel may incur an extra fee.

Want to know more?

Simply fill in the form below giving details of the content of the training and the extent of the assistance you require, and add your geographical location. We will then be able to determine which of our consultants would be best suited to help you.


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