Future Fit Training partners with Reebok Archon
10 Aug 2016

Future Fit Training partners with Reebok Archon

Future Fit Training – provider of quality assured personal training courses - has been invited to partner with the ground-breaking Reebok Archon platform to enable its trainers and their clients to effectively measure, evaluate and improve their performance.

The Reebok Archon Platform is set to transform the way our personal trainers work with their clients to assess fitness and performance levels. The sophisticated algorithms combine to standardise and regulate fitness testing and assessment, validated by a tried and tested programme that provides comparable data across strength, power, agility, coordination and endurance. By inputting an individual’s scores set against their personal profile – including gender, age, weight and wing-span - Reebok Archon provides an accurate and real time representation of someone’s fitness. In one fell swoop, tangible, meaningful and relevant feedback is now at the fingertips of PTs and their clients.

The Reebok Archon Platform is free to use and easy to access. People simply visit archon.reebok.co.uk, register their details and create a personal profile. They then choose which of the 12 optional assessments they wish to complete, do the activity and upload their metrics. Immediately, they will be given a unique status of their assessment and progress. That’s just the start point – from here they can use the educational content and technique videos to boost their understanding and help them improve. The sky is the limit as people assess, evaluate and track their improvement and see their fitness, ability and confidence rise and rise. A host of charts and tracked information give people a strong visual stimulus for their on-going progress. It is all held privately but there are options to share this content with family, friends and on social media should they wish.

Future Fit Training is renowned for its quality assured training and trainers and the validation of their ability and effectiveness is of paramount importance. The Reebok Archon platform is the perfect tool for Future Fit trainers and graduates who will be able to register for the platform via their bespoke Student Zone using a unique and secure URL. They will also be able to become an awarded Reebok Archon Adjudicator which means they would be able to officially validate inputted scores and truly become a leader in the field of fitness assessment.

“The Reebok Archon Platform has the potential to transform how PTs measure, evaluate and improve their clients’ performance and it’s a truly exciting and valuable development for the industry,” says Paul Swainson, Head of the Future Fit Training School of PT. “PTs and clients are focused on improvement, performance and, ultimately, positive results: Reebok Archon gives us all the tools to show exactly how well people are performing, which areas they might need to work on and a highly motivating tool to show clearly how they are progressing. It’s clear, informative, exciting and personal. Quite apart from the personal satisfaction and feedback clients will enjoy with Reebok Archon, our trainers now have a tool to validate the methods they use to train their clients toward improving their performances and fitness. It’s genius!”

Reebok Archon was developed by Matt Ford, who was inspired to develop a failsafe formula after years of frustration in the fitness industry of outdated and unreliable assessment tools. “As a PT one of my biggest frustrations was not being able to accurately assess clients or reliably track their progress as there were only generic tools available. This gave an idea where my clients were generally but didn’t take into account their personal profile. With Reebok Archon we have an accurate and reliable platform that will give precise and personal feedback to individuals against which they can set themselves realistic targets and goals. It’s completely relevant, highly motivational and will transform how PTs and clients work. It’s all about setting YOUR standard, not working against THE standard.”

The scope of the Reebok Archon Platform is limitless and its launch is the start of something very significant for the fitness industry. “I am really encouraged by the results of our testing programme and the response we’ve had from the industry,” says Matt. “We want nothing less than to be seen as the beacon in the industry for setting, achieving and smashing standards. Reebok Archon takes measurement, evaluation and improvement to a whole new level.”