Sports participation up by 245,000 according to latest Active People Survey
10 Dec 2015

Sports participation up by 245,000 according to latest Active People Survey

SkillsActive has welcomed the recent findings of Sport England’s Active People Survey, which has shown an increase of 245,200 participants in sport when compared to the previous findings in June. This means that 35.8% of the total adult population now participate in sport at least once a week.

One significant finding of the research is the increase in female participation, which shows that 148,700 more women are playing sport and getting active once a week, every week. Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign has played an important part in this development.

Additionally, whilst the biggest participant age-group is 16-25 year olds, there has been a big increase in participation of people over the age of 26 – 217,000 higher.

Swimming remains the sport with the highest levels of once a month participation – (9.4% of adults go swimming once a month) – whilst the sport with the biggest increase over this period is Athletics, which has seen 98,300 more participants.

Ian Taylor, SkillsActive’s CEO said: “It is a really positive sign that the sector has embraced Sport England’s focus on increasing participation in recent months, with a particular emphasis on female participation”.

"Sport England’s partners will continue to support them in making the nation more active – with SkillsActive at the forefront of driving up standards in training and development amongst the sport and physical activity workforce".