We constantly review and update our NOS suites and related products to ensure that they remain current with the ever changing work of the industry. We need assistance from those out in the sector to help us shape these NOS projects and ensure that they reflect

Supporting Teaching and Learning in PE and School Sport Wales Apprenticeship

SkillsActive is the UK-wide Sector Skills Council (SSC) for active leisure, learning and well-being. Part of the role of an employer led SSC is to work with industry and key stakeholders to develop tailor made qualifications which will assist the growth of a highly committed and competent workforce. As the standard setting body for the industry, SkillsActive also develops Apprenticeship frameworks to help deliver high quality programmes that equip individuals with the skills they need for successful careers and employers with a skilled workforce to help them compete and grow.

Although there have been some qualifications available to enable learners to train to work in a school environment as part of the Foundation Apprenticeship in Activity Leadership; it has become clear over the last year that there is a gradually growing demand for apprentices completing the Activity leadership framework to be able to progress onto a higher level programme to support training and development of the workforce in the physical education and school sports environment.

As a result of this demand, SkillsActive have been working with JM Recruitment, Education and Training to develop a new Apprenticeship framework for the sector. Following preliminary discussions with key stakeholders, a draft framework has been developed to fill the current gaps in the sector.

We are now in a position to consult on the draft framework we have developed - please download here to view the framework draft.

We are therefore inviting you to participate in this consultation to assist us in this very exciting opportunity for the sector using the link below for the survey:

View the questionnaire here

Download the framework document here

Thank you

Should you wish to contact us directly with your comments and feedback please feel free to do so.

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