Playwork Mapping Toolkits

Download the toolkits to aid mapping to the National Occupational Standards (Course Endorsement only).

For a Course to be considered for Endorsement it must map to the relevant units from the national occupational standards (NOS) in playwork at the appropriate level.

The training provider is required to map the whole of their Course to the relevant performance criteria and knowledge requirements within the selected units of the NOS.

Each unit of the standards is divided into two main parts:

Performance Criteria - these describe what the participant should be able to do on successful completion of the training.

Knowledge Requirements - these show what knowledge the participant needs in order to meet the performance criteria.

When completing the mapping toolkit, you must direct the reviewer to where they can find the knowledge or performance criteria within the Course that is being submitted. This could relate to a page number in a participant’s information pack or trainer information pack, slides, and parts of the assessment, case studies, or home study. The reference must specifically be to a page or slide number to help guide the reviewer.

Download the relevant NOS: