About SkillsActive

SkillsActive is officially recognised as the Sector Skills Council (SSC*) for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being. Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being is made up of seven sectors: sport, fitness, outdoors, playwork, caravans, hair and beauty.

As an SSC, SkillsActive provides employers, training providers, individuals, policy makers and key organisations with consultancy, information and advice on skills development and training.

SkillsActive’s primary aim is to increase the demand, quality and availability of skills provision throughout these sectors across the United Kingdom.

SkillsActive regulates and verifies training across the industry through an endorsement process, ensuring that training throughout the sectors are of the highest quality and meet the needs of employers.

With a focus on professional development, SkillsActive aims to support individuals looking to begin a career through Apprenticeships and endorsed training, as well as those who have already made an initial breakthrough and are looking to take the next steps up the career ladder by joining a SkillsActive Register.

With over 4 million people working across the SkillsActive sectors, it is imperative that SkillsActive not only brings the best young talent to work in our sector, but to ensure that there are development opportunities in place to retain this talent.

*SSCs are independent, employer-led, UK–wide organisations. The SSCs and the UK Commission are committed to working in partnership across the four nations to create the conditions for increased employer investment in skills which will drive enterprise, create jobs and lead to sustainable economic growth.