Wales Training Directory

Training directory for Wales’ Active Leisure, Learning and Well-Being Sector

Gweld y dudalen yma yn Gymraeg

SkillsActive has undertaken an audit of the training and development opportunities that are available within the Sport, Fitness, Playwork, Outdoors, and Caravans sector across Wales.

Based upon a confidential survey, and as part of this work, we have developed a directory of training provision. This can act as a tool for providing employers with the details of appropriate providers that may be well placed to help address specific skills gaps and shortages within the workplace.


It is important to state that the training directory will include provision that is both accredited and non-accredited. Therefore, and as the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-Being, SkillsActive is not in a position to endorse the provision that has been identified. SkillsActive would urge interested parties to explore quality assurance with the provider direct before investing in any training and development.

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Wales Training Directory

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