Skillsactive UK partner for an innovative project for the sport and physical activity sector

Towards the first European wide employment and skills map

Lyon, France: The European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE), is delighted to announce a new transnational initiative funded by the European Commission under Erasmus+.

EOSE is the applicant and coordinator, and will work with a supporting partnership of 18 national partners and 5 European networks to deliver this exciting and challenging project entitled the ESSA-Sport project - “A European Sector Skills Alliance for Sport and Physical Activity”.

The project aims to engage for the first time the whole sport and physical activity sector at the EU and national level to deliver the first EU-wide Employment and Skills map.

Expectations from the sector are rising with governments aiming for improved levels of health through sport and physical activity, for sport and physical activity to be at the heart of social integration and to improve the employability of young people through the education and personal development it offers. New businesses and jobs are being created and new skills are needed for professionals and the huge army of volunteers that lies at the heart of the sector to match the expectation from the labour market.

ESSA-Sport offers the sport and physical activity sector a unique opportunity to build a partnership for quality research and consultation, to identify realities, trends and challenges facing the sector, and to undertake the first real analysis of labour market and skills needs and priorities based on a national “bottom-up” approach. Indeed, the structure of the project is built around a wide network of national organisations acting as researchers and coordinators who will work with stakeholders in Member States to carry out desk-research activities and deep consultation, and to produce national reports analysing the employment situation, skill needs and priorities to be implemented for the sector.

The project will research available sources of national statistics to define and understand the sport and physical activity labour market across the member states and will also conduct a major online survey across Europe to identify the skill needs of employers.

Wide consultation activities will take place with the active support of European network organisations and national sector representatives to finalise a European strategic action plan with detailed and concrete priorities and recommendations to help ensure education, training and qualifications are geared towards the realities of the sector.

It must be emphasised that ESSA-Sport is a research project that can create the conditions for change and improvement but does not in itself deliver that change. It should be seen as the first step of the journey to provide the basis for a coordinated approach to analyse the changing labour market and develop solutions to re-skill the workforce with modern, fit for purpose training and qualifications.

The ESSA-Sport project will run until October 2019.