Administration and governance

SkillsActive have created this suite of NOS for administration and governance at no specific level. They were developed in partnership with the Sport and Recreation Alliance to support national governing bodies and a range of other organisations operating in sport.

These standards were completed and approved by the UK Commission for Education and Skills in August 2007.

  • A13 Influence, develop and review strategy for sport and active leisure
  • A14 Seek to influence policies and decisions relating to sport
  • A15 Contribute to developing and maintaining ethics, regulations and requirements for sport
  • A16 Contribute to the development and implementation of anti-doping policies and procedures in sport
  • A17 Contribute the development and implementation of policies and procedures for safeguarding children and young people in sport
  • A18 Contribute to developing your organisation and its services in relation to equality in sport
  • A19 Contribute to safeguarding intellectual and commercial rights relating to sport
  • A212 Manage physical resources for sport and active leisure
  • A327 Manage an effective workforce for sport and active leisure
  • A329 Develop productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders in sport
  • A330 Select teams and representatives for sport
  • A331 Manage sports teams and their members
  • A511 Develop, implement and review operational plans for sport and active leisure
  • A512 Initiate and manage change to improve sport and active leisure structures and services
  • B233 Manage the development of sports clubs and networks
  • B234 Develop and maintain opportunities for participation and progression in sport
  • B235 Co-ordinate sports tours
  • B236 Develop, sustain and regulate the sports organisation’s membership
  • B237 Manage sports competitions programmes
  • B238 Plan, manage and evaluate sports events
  • C240 Manage health, safety, security and welfare in sport and active leisure
  • C242 Ensure the provision of resources for sport and physical activity