Apprenticeships are a cost effective way to recruit and train employees. They provide apprentices with the skills, knowledge and work experience they need to become competent active leisure, learning and wellbeing professionals.

You can use apprenticeships to train both new and existing employees.

SkillsActive works with active leisure, learning and wellbeing employers to develop Apprenticeships so the training is directly relevant to your industry. We can help you identify which of your staff is eligible for funded training. We can also broker relationships so small and medium sized businesses can access funding normally only available to larger companies.

Key benefits for employers:

  • Access funding for training courses, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds
  • Fill your skills gaps with Apprenticeships designed around your business needs
  • Gain top quality, motivated staff with up to the minute training in your sector
  • Train more people – there are no age constraints on who can do an Apprenticeship and you can train both new and existing employees
  • Negotiate training schedules with your apprentice and training provider

Apprenticeship funding

Apprenticeship funding is available from the Skills Funding Agency in England and Wales, Skills Development Scotland in Scotland, and the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland.

However, the size of the contribution varies depending on your sector and the age of the apprentice.

Funding eligibility made easy

SkillsActive can help employers in England reduce costs and train more people by identifying which of your staff could be eligible for funded training. Our Funding Eligibility Service is a simple, effective way to improve your business performance by making the most of available funding.

Apprenticeships for smaller employers

Apprenticeships aren’t just for big businesses - small to medium sized businesses in England can afford to train Apprenticeships through SkillsActive’s Group Training Association (GTA).

The Group Training Association enables employers in England running small to medium enterprises to take on more new staff as apprentices. It does this by creating partnerships between employers so they can access funding and discounts normally only available to bigger companies.

Types of Apprenticeships

There’s a wide variety of Apprenticeships available in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Select a country below to learn more about the types of Apprenticeships available in your area.

Key facts

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to discover more about Apprenticeships in England

Apprenticeship frameworks

SkillsActive has worked with employers and training providers to develop a set of Apprenticeship frameworks. These outline the minimum requirements apprentices need to complete the apprenticeship at each level and for each occupation, ensuring apprentices develop the skills their employers need.

For information and documents relevant to apprenticeships your country, see Frameworks and Guidance


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