The outdoor standards primarily cover those working (or volunteering) in the outdoor recreation, education or development training fields. They describe the skills, knowledge and understanding required by a typical instructor running outdoor programmes, often, but not exclusively, in an outdoor centre context. The standards reference NGB guidelines and qualifications, but do not describe the specifics of technical skills needed in addition to those of the instructor.

  • Outdoor programmes

Outdoor programmes

These standards were completed and approved by the UK Commission for Education and Skills in March 2014.

  • SKAOP1
  • SKAOP2
  • SKAOP3
  • SKAOP4
  • SKAOP5
  • SKAOP6
  • SKAOP7
  • SKAOP8
  • SKAOP9
  • SKAOP10
  • SKAOP11
  • SKAOP12
  • SKAOP13
  • SKAOP14
  • SKAOP15
  • SKAOP16
  • SKAOP17
  • SKAOP18
  • SKAOP19
  • SKAOP20
  • SKAOP21