Promoting physical activity

To reflect the growing importance of the physical activity agenda within health promotion across the UK, SkillsActive has worked with Health Scotland and other key organisations and employers to develop national occupational standards for practitioners with a brief to support and promote physical activity. Physical activity is a term that encompasses active living, recreational activity, sport, exercise, play and dance. The drive to increase levels of physical activity is an area of work which encompasses both the SkillsActive sub-sectors and the health sector. Professionals who are driving forward the work in physical activity promotion and, indeed, the development of these standards, often have a remit within the health sector.

A guide to the development of these standards and how they can be used can be downloaded here.

These standards were completed and approved by the UK Commission for Education and Skills in September 2006.

  • B17 Work in partnership with other organisations and professionals to promote physical activity and its benefits
  • B18 Promote physical activity and its benefits to people who are not currently active
  • D213 Enable people to adopt and maintain a more physically active lifestyle
  • D450 Develop own practice in promoting physical activity