Sport and exercise science

Sport and exercise science is the application of scientific principles to the promotion, maintenance and enhancement of sport and exercise related behaviours. Sport and exercise scientists help people to improve their sporting performance, or their general health. Sport and exercise scientists work with other professionals such as doctors, coaches, physiotherapists and dieticians. SkillsActive has worked with BASES and other key partners to develop a suite of national standards for Sport and Exercise Science.

These standards were completed and approved by the UK Commission for Education and Skills in February 2010.

  • A338 Apply professional standards in sport and exercise science practice
  • A339 Contribute to own professional development as a sport and exercise scientist
  • D17 Establish, develop and maintain professional relationships with clients
  • D18 Establish, develop and maintain working relationships with other professionals
  • D476 Plan sport and exercise science services
  • D477 Provide sport and exercise science services
  • D478 Provide feedback to clients
  • D479 Evaluate sport and exercise science services
  • B110 Communicate sport and exercise science principles, practices, services and benefits
  • B111 Provide specific advice and guidance to actual and potential clients on sport and exercise science services