Sport to tackle crime

London Active Communities and the Active Communities Network in 2009 started a three year project, funded by Laureus, the international sport for good charity, to examine the use of sport to tackle gang membership, crime, and anti-social behaviour. One of the outcomes of the project is to ultimately provide a training programme which will focus on the use of sport to engage with gangs and offer alternative pathways to young people involved in gangs or other forms of crime.

SkillsActive has worked with London Active Communities to develop appropriate national standards for the area of using sport to tackle youth crime. The Standards could apply at three levels for volunteers, front-line coaches and managers.

These standards were completed and approved by the UK Commission for Education and Skills in September 2010.

  • B247 Plan and co-ordinate sport interventions to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour
  • B248 Provide sport based activities to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour
  • C318 Engage with individuals, offer direct support and challenge offending and anti-social behaviour
  • D19 Work in partnership to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour