Sports Coaching

SkillsActive worked with sports coach UK and a number of key stakeholders to produce NOS for Sports Coaching. These NOS have been used to form the basis of coaching qualifications and are consistent with the UK Coaching Framework and UK Coaching Model. The NOS also tie in with the UK Coaching Certificate qualification guidance.

  • Sports Coaching: aimed at coaches who are delivering sessional coaching programmes through to developing and implementing annual programmes

These standards were completed and approved by the UK Commission for Education and Skills in February 2014.

  • SKASC1 Assist the planning, delivery and review of a sports coaching session Plan a series of sports coaching sessions
  • SKASC2 Plan sports coaching sessions
  • SKASC4 Review sports coaching sessions
  • SKASC5 Design sports coaching programmes
  • SKASC6 Manage the implementation of sports coaching programmes
  • SKASC7 Evaluate sports coaching programmes and practice